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Professional Project Training, Consulting, and Recruiting

Our team is a diversified group of highly experienced project managers, project management professionals, recruitment professionals, curriculum developers and business leaders who are dedicated to improving the quality and success of projects.

The instructor staff at Practical Solutions has a combined experience level over 50 years in manufacturing, logistics, supply chain, information technology, engineering, and management in both private and government environments.  Of course PM Plus provides PMI® and PMBOK® by certified PMP® Instructors, but we deliver much more.   We know that all the process and procedures in the world are NOT going to get your project done on time if you've ticked off the only programmer that can code your user interface.  We know if a certain functional manager has a different priority project then yours you will need to do plenty of fast talking to get him on your side.  We know if the Portfolio Manager did not tell YOU that your project is number two then you're in for a lot of stress.  There is no substitute for experience and sometimes you must arm wrestle with reality.  Let us pump you up for that challenge!


Project Consultants and Recruitment

Practical Solutions can help you find your most important resource - People.  Human resources are the most critical element of any project or business.  The best technology and tools are only as good as the team using them.  We know this at Practical Solutions.  As experienced business leaders and managers we know that a job description is only a starting point.   There are many intangibles an employee must have in order to fit in the company culture.   A full toolbox is no substitute for a personality or a sense of responsibility, or the ability to communicate.  At Practical solutions we take the time to get to know YOU and understand what you want and what you need.


Mike Stallfus, President

Michael is a business professional with a wide range of experience in engineering, logistics, supply chain, and information systems arenas.  He has held positions as design engineer, hardware engineer, software engineer, software manager, functional manager, electrical engineering manager, and Project Manager at companies such as Rapistan, Stanley Vidmar, Fujitec, Siemens Dematic, and Vanderlande Industries.    He has developed and delivered PMP training to project managers in private and public sectors.

Mike has a Bachelors of Science in Electrical Engineering (BSEE) and Bachelors of Science in Psychology. As an active member of Project Management Institute (PMI) and a certified Project Management Professional (PMP), Michael has served as Newsletter editor for Atlanta PMI.  He has also worked on the Microsoft Project Users Group (MPUG) Board of Directors and helped organize meeting events for groups of 50 plus members.  He is just recently served as PMI® Atlanta as Vice President of Certification and Education.


Please contact me directly for more information about Practical Solutions or myself.





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