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Project Management and Leadership Training

In poor economic times employers look for ways to reduce costs. Reducing headcount is usually the first step. Then they look to improve efficiency and production. For Project managers these are difficult times. You worked hard to earn your compensation level but because PMs carry a higher salary they often are at the top of the RIF ( I call it the "dollar per head") chart. The good news is that you should have the exact skills required for increasing efficiency. Productivity and efficiency should be part of your Project Manager DNA. Even if you feel secure, now is the time to show your value. Company's will remember who was there when times were tough leading the way. Which brings me to my point - Continued training is more important now then ever!

For Certified PMPs or anyone else looking for management and leadership training Practical Solutions offers our PM Plus curriculum.  We have a broad range of course offerings to help you enhance your current skills, become certified, and improve your leadership techniques.  We offer advanced topics on  risk management, multi-project management, IT portfolio management, conflict management, office politics and leadership skills.  Convenient schedules and on-line courses are available to meet the needs of busy professionals. 

Practical Solutions can also provide custom corporate training programs that can be designed in  formats and topics to meet company requirements. We will come to your facility for personalized schedules.  

Please visit the course pages to find dates and times of current public offerings. Contact PSS to discusses customized training programs.


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PM Overview - PM1001

This course introduces the non-PMP® to a high level overview of the PMI® framework for project management strategies.  Executives, managers, and corporate officers contemplating PMI®/PMO implementation will learn what PMOs are all about.

  • Learn the framework of PMI® Project Management philosophy
  • Learn the 9 knowledge area and 5 process groups
  • Understand triple constra
  • Familiarize yourself with PMBOK® terminology
  • Understand schedule/cost/risk/scope and their project impact
  • Mini Seminar, 5hr/PDU
  • Check Schedule



Politics - Life in the Corporate Jungle - PM1004

All organization, Large or small, have a political environment.  Like it or not, the most successful people in these organization are the ones that can negotiate and play the political game with skill.  Many Project Managers are not successful because they fail to recognize these elements of the Corporate Jungle. 

  • Analyzing Your Organizational Environment (politics)
  • Corporate Organization - Organizational Structure
  • Your Jungle - Lions, Tigers, and Bears (oh my)
  • Where, who, and how decisions are made
  • Politics
  • Political Plan
  • Mini Seminar, 5hr/PDU
  • Check Schedule


Microsoft Project Basics - PM2004

A basic course for Microsoft Project beginners.  This course will get you started with setting up your project and leading you all the way through a glimpse of Project Server features

  • Set up tasks
  • Ser up resources
  • Manage dependecies
  • Create WBS diagrams
  • Create critical Path and precedence diagrams
  • Produce reporting graphs
  • Publish to web sites
  • Manage resources actoss multiple projects
  • Share resoutces
  • Resource dependencies
  • Two Day Seminar, 16 hr/PDU
  • Check Schedule


Scope and WBS Planning - PM2009

This course teaches the principles and foundational concepts for defining an effective Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) for any project. Topics include defining the characteristics of high quality Work Breakdown Structures, and how to avoid common errors and omissions during the WBS creation process.

>At the completion of the course, among other competencies, students will be able to describe Core and Use-Related characteristics for Work Breakdown Structures, and be able to recognize high-quality WBS examples.

  • Defining a good WBS
  • Key WBS Attributes
  • Key WBS Rules
  • Sample WBS construction
  • Identifying tasks
  • Identifying scope
  • Full Day Seminar, 7hr/PDU
  • Sample WBS construction
  • Check Schedule


Leadership Management - PM1006

What does it take to lead others?  Why are some leaders more effective then others?  This class will teach the skills and techniques influence other, even with no direct authority.

  • Sources of conflict
  • Needs analysis
  • Negotiation styles
  • Influencing without authouity
  • Leadership styles
  • Finding your own style
  • Full Day Seminar 7 hr/PDU
  • Check Schedule


Risk Management - PM2005

Risk management can save projects as much as 90% in costs if planned and managed correctly.  Any manager can benefit from this review and practical application of risk analysis strategy.

  • Threat identification
  • Impact value analysis
  • Quantification of risk
  • Control strategies
  • Responce analusis
  • Risk management plan
  • Full Day Seminar 7 hr/PDU
  • Check Schedule


Multi Project Management - PM2002

An advanced course for Project Managers in a multi project environment.  Any manger tasked with multiple tasks and projects will learn  critical techniques for juggling time and scheduling resources in a prioritized portfolio environment.

  • Understand multi-project context
  • PMI Portfolio concepts
  • Leadership without authority
  • Conflict resolution
  • Task based project portfolios
  • Independent project portfolios
  • Interdependent project portfolios
  • Tools for scheduling
  • Resource dependencies
  • Full Day Seminar 7 hr/PDU
  • Check Schedule


Conflict Management - PM2007

If you are a manager or executive conflict is a constant in your professional life.  How you deal with these issues will determine your success.  If you find ways to create win-win situations for the parties involved you will rapidly build a reputation of achievement within you organization.

  • Sources of conflict
  • Needs analysis
  • Negotiation styles
  • Full Day Seminar 7 hr/PDU
  • Check Schedule

Portfolio Management - PM3001

Portfolio management means many things.  This class will take a look at IT Strategic Management.   IT no longer can simply pursue new technology.  Projects must have a verifiable business case and meet enterprise criteria   This class examines these needs requirements and suggests a strategic approach for an IT portfolio.

  • strategic needs
  • enterprose priorities
  • corporate sekection modes
  • communications/li>
  • corporate organizational structure
  • full day seminar 7 hr/PDU

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