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Your Success is Our Mission

Practical Solutions believes in speaking straight truths about the PMI® world and the REAL world of project management.  Our objective is to educate you with the theory and then share real experience from YOUR world.  Books are great sources for background.  Proper process in the right amount can greatly enhance your success.  But sometimes there is no substitute for arm wrestling. 

Practical Solutions will help you become certified as a PMP but the best managers didn't become great by reading the PMBOK.    Our PM Plus classes are aimed at sharing some of the experiences that have made us accomplished PMs and business leaders. Practical Solutions will help you make the leap from having great credentials to being a great manager.   


Whether you are a PMP looking for on-going professional training or an up and coming Project Manager seeking a training class to qualify for the PMP exam, Practical Solutions can deliver what you need: Theory, education, and PDUs.  Check out our Training Links


If you are already a Great Manager and are looking for People with Skills like yours contact us.   Practical Solutions will undertake a personal search for your exact candidate.   I love working directly with hiring managers that know what they want.   Check out our recruiting page.  I will dedicate my efforts to finding a team of professionals for you to succeed.


Bottom Line: Your needs become our needs  and we are dedicated to finding a Practical Solution! 



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